We started this company in 2020 after realizing that it was very difficult for most to get a decent quality and reliable all inclusive lightsaber from a reliable company that wasn't just a reseller or rebrand. 

Our founder, The Dark Jedi, worked his butt off with one of our past partners who will not be named as we would like to keep this professional, to create incredible lightsabers and make sure they were exactly what people wanted from their sabers. 

We are now one of the only lightsaber companies in the world that is led by a small family, and that supports the LGBTQ community openly as well as one that makes the insides and outsides of their sabers themselves.  Majority of the websites that exist are reselling a lightsaber from another company, but DX Sabers are true to their name and awesomeness.

We work tirelessly together to bring you the best lightsaber replicas and designs that the world has ever seen! We are always here for you with customer service support so that you are never left in the dark, and this company is made for the people.  



- The Dark Jedi (CXO) 



DX SABERS is not affiliated with DISNEY or HASBRO or its affiliates or the FORCE FX LIGHTSABER as used by HASBRO lightsaber and LUCASFILM products all rights reserved. DX SABERS has obtained permission to use and distribute photos used from the owners of all photography seen here or anywhere else DX SABERS is affiliated with or owned and operated. DX SABERS and its affiliates reserve all the rights and properties owned, reserved, and distributed.


DX SABERS LLC will always act in the best interest of the customer as well as the business, but will not allow the company to be abused through policy manipulation, dramatic emotional verbal abuse, increased pressure to increase priority over other customers, cyber bullying, or any other similar action related to the previously stated.


DX SABERS LLC recommends that children under the age of 5 do not use these toys as they may not be safe for children under this age to use unsupervised, and requires parental supervision if used under the age of 5 years old. DX SABERS LLC is not liable for any damages caused with the products or images produced and distributed.


In order to obtain a refund, once the item is received by the customer, the customer may send the item back for a refund with prior approval. The customer will only receive the refund if the item is sent back within 15 days of purchasing.  DX Sabers WILL NOT PROVIDE A RETURN LABEL to return your item to us for a refund as we cannot afford it as a small business. 

If the item has taken longer to arrive due to a delay the customer may send back the item for a refund ONLY with prior approval by DX SABERS. If a customer is discovered being untruthful in any of their requests, all refund requests moving forward shall be denied without reason.

We Are All DX Sabers Together