How long does my order take to be delivered?

Our DX SABERS orders take 2-6 weeks from order to delivery, and if you do not receive a shipping notification immediately please do not become concerned. If your order for some reason has not arrived within this time period, then reach out IMMEDIATELY to CUSTOMERSERVICE@DXSABERS.COM and we will help you right away!


What can your sabers do?

Every single DX SABER is considered an “All Inclusive” and Deluxe lightsaber. This means that every single one of our sabers comes with 11+ colors so you can change your saber color to whatever color you would like no matter which saber you purchased. Each saber comes with multiple sound fonts, flash on clash, blaster, and lockup effects as well as much more! Each DX SABER is also rechargeable and can be used for mild to medium level dueling.


What does NEOPIXEL and BASE LIT mean and what’s the difference?

NEOPIXEL = String of small LEDs in the blade that attaches with pins into the top of the hilt = expensive and not very dual worthy

BASE LIT = Large LED light in the top of the hilt (handle) that lights up the blade = well priced and very dual worthy.

EMPTY = No electronics and no blade - just the hilt only! 


What materials do you use to make your lightsaber hilts?

Our DX SABER Deluxe Lightsabers are made of aluminum and steel as well as an aluminum steel alloy so that they remain strong in any duel.


What is a hilt?

The HILT is the HANDLE of the lightsaber.


Where can I find my tracking information?

Your tracking information will be sent to you along with your notification that your saber has been shipped VIA EMAIL. If you have not received this notification please remain patient, or you can contact us to inquire as to the status of your order anytime. You can also log into your account on our website and access your account information any time. We are always here for you. 


I have been emailing multiple times, but no one has responded to me?!

We answer all of our emails by hand so that everyone receives an authentic response to their messages. If you have not received a response within 24 hours as stated on our website, then please remain patient or send us another email and we are more likely to answer you much faster. We answer customer service emails every morning and we are working our hardest to get to everyone every day. WE DO NOT answer emails over the weekend because we need a break and take time to spend with family and recharge.  Emails sent during the weekend will be answered the coming monday from when they are received. 


My saber is getting hot! Is this a FIRE HAZARD?! 

Your DX SABER IS NOT a fire hazard and if it is getting hot and overheating then you are pushing too much energy through your DX SABER by plugging it into a power source that is not properly able to charge the saber.  If the saber does get hot, DO NOT, take out the insides and begin an autopsy.  Please contact customerservice@dxsabers.com and we will help you with the warranty and repair as we are the professionals.  Taking out the insides of your lightsaber to explore the hotness if this happens will lead to voiding the warranty. Our sabers have been approved as not able to start a fire from the local fire department and we can prove that they cannot start fires as the battery simply pops and all energy stops which mitigates any form of fire possible.  These toys are safe for children ages 1 and up and are all assembled and tested vigorously in the USA.